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Why does Comcast not understand their customers?

All over TV, you’ve been seeing these Comcast guarantee advertisements, with so called employees explaining what it is and what to expect.  It is located at this link for your reference –> It all started the other day, when I realized that our internet was much slower than it should be.  I did some network tests, and found out … [Read more...]

Most Popular Tweet this week “Christmas”

Mashable posted an article today about the most popular trends this week.  Christmas was the most popular topic, followed by the Lunar Eclipse and others.  Does it mean more twitter users celebrate Christmas?  I’m not exactly sure. However, it does mean that we in the social media game can investigate what people are tweeting along with Christmas.  As the article pointed out, … [Read more...]

Twitter down on Christmas

I think all Twitter asked for this year was more bandwidth and better servers.  Unfortunately, it looks like all Twitter got was coal.  Today Twitter has been plagued with that all two familiar over capacity whale.  I’m not sure whether it’s all the Christmas posts, or if it is due to another more malicious cause.  Let’s hope it comes back soon, I want to post some Christmas … [Read more...]

How Worldwide TechServices wasted my time and committed fraud

I am a patient guy, I let things go.  But one thing has really bothered me recently, and it was the process of getting my laptop repaired.   I put the original call in to my computer manufacturer on September 6th, 2010.  I was having a problem with my laptop that was not fixed when it was sent in for service, so they decided to provide me with my Next Day Business Service.  They assured me my … [Read more...]

You were, You are, UMass, George Parks.

It’s not often that one your heroes passes away.  It’s even rarer that you spent so much time over 4 years with your hero, and then all of the sudden  they are gone.  That’s exactly how I feel at this moment.  Last night my girlfriend called me from the marching band trip where they were staying in Ohio.  She was crying, and I was concerned she had a sinus infection … [Read more...]

The Hashtag is dying (Twitter)

Why do I think the hash tag is dying?  Because on any given day, Hashtags are only 40 percent (or less) of the trending topics on twitter.  Right now, there are currently 4.  Twitter is being used for news, and now textual phrases are what rules.  Through two word phrases, I am able to learn about a natural gas line that exploded (PG&E), a new MTV show called “Silent … [Read more...]

Social Media and Today

This video sums up what’s happening now with social media; it’s becoming one of the most important tools for companies to sell goods.  We use social media to sell products now, and it’s really important to understand the techniques are required to sell your products. I’ve written some manuals on the best practices of adding individuals on social media, and I’m willing to share some of these … [Read more...]

End of Journey Due to Injury

Despite the planning and training that went into bicycling across the country this summer, I am unable to complete this endeavor at this point in time due to an injury.  While I was peddling through Pennsylvania, my right knee started to hurt to the point where I was unable to pedal.  I was taken to the emergency room and the original conclusion was tendonitis.  I was instructed to rest 3 days, … [Read more...]

Day 10…Spring City

Today I resumed the trip. It was nice of Shawn and his family to take me in for 3 days and have me as part of their family. If you are down on the Jersey shore be sure to check out the Seakist. It was a lot of cornfields today...not anything worth noting. There was nuclear cooling towers towards the end. Its always iinteresting to see those. I also got a picture of Wawa for those of you in … [Read more...]

Day 7, Day 8, Day 9

Rest Days!  On all of these days I've been hanging out with my roommate Shawn and his family in Southern New Jersey.  I've been off of my feet and taking plenty of Ibuprofen.  I woke up today and my leg feels a lot better, and tomorrow I will be restarting and going to Spring City, PA from where I left off.  The following day I will be going to Lititz, PA.  The day after that (depending how I … [Read more...]