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Why does Comcast not understand their customers?

All over TV, you’ve been seeing these Comcast guarantee advertisements, with so called employees explaining what it is and what to expect.  It is located at this link for your reference –> It all started the other day, when I realized that our internet was much slower than it should be.  I did some network tests, and found out … [Read more...]

Most Popular Tweet this week “Christmas”

Mashable posted an article today about the most popular trends this week.  Christmas was the most popular topic, followed by the Lunar Eclipse and others.  Does it mean more twitter users celebrate Christmas?  I’m not exactly sure. However, it does mean that we in the social media game can investigate what people are tweeting along with Christmas.  As the article pointed out, … [Read more...]

Twitter down on Christmas

I think all Twitter asked for this year was more bandwidth and better servers.  Unfortunately, it looks like all Twitter got was coal.  Today Twitter has been plagued with that all two familiar over capacity whale.  I’m not sure whether it’s all the Christmas posts, or if it is due to another more malicious cause.  Let’s hope it comes back soon, I want to post some Christmas … [Read more...]