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Social Media and the Birthday

Birthdays are an interesting part of society.  Driving, Voting, and drinking are all tied to how old your are, which in turn is related to your birthday.  School is even related to your birthday- you start going in kindergarten and are grouped by age-something that is quite the debate.  Social media is another addition to the birthday. Every day, birthdays are advertised on the … [Read more...]

What we learned from Digg’s Mistakes, Apple doesn’t want to be Reel Big Fish

Digg made a huge mistake in 2010, one that happens a lot but is never really addressed.  Apple hasn’t made this mistake, Microsoft has in some regards.  Other companies go down this route.  So what am I talking about?  Companies that isolate their fan base by selling out. Any site would be happy to have the following the Digg had.  However, making a site profitable for … [Read more...]

Homeless Man is sent to the top with Social Media

This is exactly what I am talking about, and why Social Media is so important.  No longer are our “real” and “online” lives separate, they are so intermingled that we can’t live without the online part.  This is one of the most effective viral videos I have seen in a while (sadly Justin Bieber is also up there…).  This story isn’t one about great advertising of a product, it’s one … [Read more...]

Answer to Social Media Examiner’s article on RockMelt

Social Media Examiner has an article about Rockmelt and it’s effects on other browsers and the internet itself.  Rockmelt is revolutionary, but will spur evolutionary spurs of the major browsers to include these features (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera).  These features are available as extensions in some browsers currently.  Eventually, browsers will have these … [Read more...]

Social Media in 2011

What do I see happening in Social Media in 2011?  To tell you the truth, a lot.  I see a lot of brands switching their markting styles to incorporate social media.  I see online advertisements being more effctive than television and print advertisement.  And I see an older crowd joining social media. More companies have been noticing the effectiveness of social media in moving their products.  … [Read more...]