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President Obama’s Tax Speech 6/29/2011- Campaign Promises or Actual Promises?

Today we were turning on “The Price is Right,” but were greeted by a speech by President Obama about topics having to do with taxes, and how we need to fix the budget deficit.  The speech was quite eloquent and practical. offering solutions to problems.  However, the alarm was going off in my head and warning me of campaign promises that have yet to be accomplished.  Is this a speech to raise a … [Read more...]

Social Storefronts

The Digital Age has changed many habits of humans.  People now share their thoughts, feelings, and even current location with their social networks.  There has been quite a lot of talk about how to monetize a social network, and the model does seem a hard one.  But then I realize that people are willing to share information, and this can be applied to making money through a social … [Read more...]

SEO and 2011

  As I’m sitting here, perusing Craigslist and watching CNBC, I realize that I am surrounded by brands.  There are brands that we now realize are constantly in contact with us.  But why are these brands placed so near us all of the time? The answer, and I’m sure my web-savvy friends know this, is Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO.  SEO is important: think about human … [Read more...]