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How Twitter should fix their implementation of Direct Messages

Twitter is continuing to grow in market share (currently 5.3 % in the United States, Feb 2013), which has caused twitter to evaluate and implement new features.  We have entered the phase of Twitter’s life where these updates are revisional in nature; with a focus on trying to create the perfect place for someone to spend time without leaving the site (something all social networks are … [Read more...]

How do I get the person of my dreams? How do I win someone back?

I have been spending a couple of months seeing a couple of people go through some difficult times, and it’s hard to explain all my thoughts in person to them at one point in time.  These guys have gone through the relationship gauntlet, and received the statement of “I don’t see a future with you.”  But these guys had different responses.  One went on to think about finding the … [Read more...]

6 years later: I miss you, Dad

“Does it depress you, to know just how alone you truly are?” – The Dark Knight Right before I went to college, my Dad, Doug DeFuria, was very sick.  I took him to HealthAlliance Hospital in Leominster for a heart checkup, but he wasn’t doing very well.  They ended up finding an ulcer. As it turns out, that ulcer was cancerous and had metastasized.  He had cancer throughout his … [Read more...]