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Becoming a Social Media Consultant, Summer 2015

It's officially Summer for me, as I've wrapped up my first year of teaching in a new district. As you might recall, last year, I tried to become a social media consultant. I didn't have much luck, as I had only a few weeks before school started, and it's hard trying to get in touch with local businesses. Local businesses just don't think about social media the same way that larger corporations … [Read more...]

The Chimney Story- How Ridgway Chimney Service NJ ruined our Chimney

We just bought our first house. Our first house ever. We were really good about everything. We had a Home Inspection, and discovered some issues. Many of the issues were known about- a damaged masonry stoop on the guest entrance, settling sidewalk, a fence that has seen better days. Our building inspector did advise us to get some professionals in- one was for a Chimney Service, and the other for … [Read more...]

Congrats, Pioneer Class of 2015

I'll preface it with this- I had hoped that I would have seen you folks graduate. I started with you, you were my first group of students, and you all hold a special place in my heart. Life is messy. I started writing this speech when you were freshmen. Dear Graduates, Faculty, School Committee Members, Families and Guests, I'm going to be facing you, Graduates, because you are the reason … [Read more...]